Bottled Drinks are Exploding

There is no denying these days that manufactures are putting all kinds of new drink products on the market everyday.  If its liquid and you can drink it, then it will eventually be put into a bottle.  Customers have so many choices that in the past were unheard of.  Kambucha has exploded on to the scene as a healthy fermented tea beverage.  Bai has made the coffee cherry, which was once considered a byproduct, into a healthy caffeine beverage rich in antioxidants.  Coconut water has boomed in popularity for its hydrating and health benefits.  Sparkling water has grown and expanded its lineup with more flavor selections.  As soft drinks declined in recent years bottled water has boomed.  Now companies are continually inventing new water products expanding the market even further.  All these changes point to more healthier options for consumers.  Global Blends takes pride in staying ahead of the curve.  We are constantly updating our product line with healthy beverage options for our customers.  A healthy hydrated office is a productive office. Browse through our product line and find the perfect bottled beverage for your business.