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Relax and don’t stress about your break room. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you design the perfect break room for your staff. We pair our coffee with state of the art equipment to make sure your employees will be healthy, happy, and charged up. Providing your employees with a high quality coffee is a great way to increase motivation, appreciation & loyalty.


integrated break room design

inspiration, motivation & loyalty

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Our experts will make sure that you have a program that will satisfy your employees and customers while staying within your budget. We work closely with your team in picking the proper equipment, taking into account volume and specific tastes. All of our equipment is easy to use, and requires minimal cleaning. All of our equipment is made to utilize products with a low impact on the environment. Its time for you to upgrade your coffee and help the environment at the same time. All of our solutions feature our freshly roasted coffee and gourmet teas.


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*We will provide machinery and product for up to one week.

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