Intergrated Breakroom Design

Relax and don’t stress about your break room.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help you design the perfect break room for your staff.  With access to state of the art equipment and a full line of healthy snacks and beverages, your employees will be healthy, happy, and charged up.  We make the break room your favorite place to be.  Choose the service and equipment that fits your company culture.  We don't try to fit you into our programs, you choose the program and coffee products that are the right fit for you. 


Pantry Service

Don't go through the pain of keeping your pantry stocked for your employees.  Let us take care of your pantry service for you.  We'll stock yourselves with healthy snacks and gourmet coffee so your employees will be fueled and ready to go all day. Running out of product or having angry employees is something you shouldn't need to deal with.  Global Blends will make sure your pantry is stocked with the right snack, coffee and pantry supplies.  We have over 2000 pantry items for you to choose from and can customize your pantry to your excact specifications. Studies have shown a happy work environment is a more productive one.  Having your shelves stocked and ready to go saves you time an money.  

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