We focus on sustainable products.

It is no question that single serve coffee products have a huge impact on the healthy of the environment.  Billions of k-cups hit landfalls each year that are packed in plastic that takes hundreds of years. Sustainability has remained the most important issue for Global Blends. Since our company relies heavily on the natural resources of the world to deliver a quality product to our customers, we have dedicated ourselves to producing environmentally friendly coffee. Our approach to sustainability builds on our core values and the belief that in order for our business to prosper in the long term, so must the communities that we work with. Our company is working hard every day to bring about the social, environmental and economic conditions that are required to achieve this.

We take sustainability so seriously because we realize that there is only ONE EARTH and we must protect it at all costs. We have committed ourselves to integrating sustainability across our business by creating shared value and positive impact for our farmers, business partners and consumers To further our goals, we have partnered with manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability, and we are proud to say that a vast majority of our organic coffees are rainforest-friendly. Furthermore, our warehouses and trucks are all eco-friendly and energy efficient.

There is only ONE EARTH. We believe in sustainability and take it very seriously. Our warehouses and trucks are all eco-friendly and low energy. A majority of our organic coffees are rain forest friendly.

Sustainable Sourcing 

What is sustainable coffee? Sustainable coffee simply means that the coffee has been grown in a way that supports the conservation of nature and provides a better livelihood for the people who grow and process it. Here at Global Blends, we work directly with our farmers to ensure that each batch of our environmentally friendly coffee is produced in a way that does not harm the already vulnerable rainforests.

We understand that coffee production serves as a major source of income for farms across the world. That is why we only use coffee that has been sourced by a certified Fair Trade or farm direct source. We are committed to supporting the rural farmers and communities that so passionately care for our coffee beans. 

Fair-Trade & Farm Direct Coffee 

While other coffee companies thrive on the philosophy that the only way for their business to prosper is for them to buy low and sell high, Global Blends rejects this idea. Instead, we believe that the only way for our business to prosper long term is for us to make a conscious effort to support the farmers and communities that work hard to produce our coffee.

Whether it’s one our gourmet coffee or a specialty coffee blends, we always back Fair-trade certified and farm direct coffees. Fair-trade certified coffees support sustainable farming by partnering with farmers to create trade deals that offer better trading conditions for farmers and prohibit the exploitation of workers

Whenever possible, we like to purchase our coffee directly from its growers. This process allows our company to cut out the middleman and build mutually beneficial and respectful relationship with our growers. Using farm direct coffee gives us the control to not only inspect the quality of our coffee but also address any social or environmental concerns directly with our growers. 

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